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Assembling the pieces to provide you with the functional and stylistic furniture.

What We Do

We provide installation. Get your furniture installed in your homes.

The Installers Reserve These Rights

1. Safe Working Environment

Do make sure that the area is clutter-free, and no items are obstructing their pathways. The installation location should also contain enough space for the installers to begin their assembly in a safe and hazard-free environment. If the location is deemed to be dangerous or otherwise unsuitable for installation, the installers reserve the right to reject installation.

2. Daylight Working Hours

The installers will be able to carry out installation work between 10am-6pm, there is clear daylight. If the installation is likely to fall outside of these working hours, they reserve the right to cease the current installation, and resume on another scheduled day. Should they choose to continue with the installation, it would be out of goodwill rather than out of obligation.


3. Same LEvel Installation

Ideally, the furniture requiring assembly will be on the same level  where it is to be assembled. The installers reserve to decline installation if the items are not at the same level. If any manual carrying up or down flights of stairs is required, there will be an additional charge of $10/package per flight of stairs taken. These fees will be collected by the installers on the spot.

Installation – TV Consoles

Most walls are suitable for TV console installation. However, if the installers decide that the condition of the wall is unsuitable, due to reasons such as

1) Thin Walls

2) Uneven Walls

3) Presence of Trunking 

4) Others

they reserve the right to reject installation. In this case, an amount adding up to (Assembly Fee – $30 Transportation Fee) will be refunded.

Installation – Bed Frames

Installation fee will be charged at $50/hour. Depending on the complexity of the bed frames, it will take installers between 1-4 hours for the installation. To prevent confusion, an estimated time needed to assemble a bed frame will be provided to you, and a fixed fee will be charged before the installation. 

For example, the representative will let you know that a bed frame will require ~3 hours of installation. An installation fee of $150 will be charged. There will be no refunds if the actual installation takes less than 3 hours, and no extra charges if the actual installation takes more than 3 hours. 

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