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Full Length Mirrors

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Full Length Mirrors Singapore

Looking for full length mirrors? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Full Length Mirrors for the modern Singapore homes

What is a Full Length Mirror?

Mirrors are an essential part of our homes and can make the most stunning decorative object around the house. With or without a frame, full-length mirrors can be placed anywhere to enhance the interiors. On the lookout for a curated interior? Full-length mirrors from SingaporeHomeFurniture help you ensure that you look the best before stepping out of your home every day.

A full-length mirror is usually taller than a regular mirror. It is also wider. The dimensions are designed to allow someone to see their full height in the mirror. Available in a variety of frames, these mirrors can be encased in metal frames, high-quality or wooden frames. It is not uncommon to find a full-length mirror frame in plastic. However, the latter options may not offer the durability that you are looking for.

While the latest mirror options in Singapore can stretch to the floor on its vertical side, you can add a twist to the chosen space by simply rotating the longer side horizontally.



Perfect Dimensions

At SingaporeHomeFurniture, you can shop for life-size full-length mirrors. Mirrors anywhere between sizes 43” X13” and 68” X32 are common around the market. You can pick a mirror with appropriate dimensions from our extensive range.

Frame Materials

When it comes to frames, we have several options on full-length mirrors. Silver, copper, gold-rimmed, metallic, wooden, aluminium and even fabric frame, we have a score of high-quality mirror frames to suit your preference.

ALESUND® Full Length Mirror | Standing Mirror or Wall Mirror | 3 Colour Options: Gold, Silver, Black | $

(7 customer reviews)

HAMAR® Vintage Mirror | Antique Mirror | Standing Mirror or Wall Mirror | Gold Frame | $$$

(6 customer reviews)

ROROS® Arch Mirror | Standing Mirror or Wall Mirror | 3 Colours: Gold, Silver, Black | Sizes: 4 Lengths & 5 Widths | $$

(9 customer reviews)

REINE® Vintage Mirror | Antique Wall Mirror | Colour: Golden Oak, Maroon | $$

(4 customer reviews)

Featured Product

ALESUND® Full Length Mirror | Standing Mirror or Wall Mirror | 3 Colour Options: Gold, Silver, Black | $

(7 customer reviews)


SingaporeHomeFurniture® ALESUND Full Length Mirror


  • [Elegance] Classic and unique mirror decoration creates an antique and low profile atmosphere
  • [Bright] When light shines on the smooth surface, it adds natural shadow, giving a better sense of brightness and space
  • [Quality] Made of high-quality glass. Reflects clear image that gives the best visual experience. 
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives mirror elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets


  • Limited Lifetime Local Warranty provided
  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery
  • Singapore Design & Technology

What you need to know about Full-Length Mirrors

Knowing these facts about the mirrors can help you choose the one most perfect for your home

Frame Patterns:

You can choose between a simple frame or one designed with the intricate pattern at SingaporeHomeFurniture. Even the simplest of metal frames can create a sculpted effect. If you are looking for fascinating frames with exciting patterns, you can pick the full-length glass mirrors.


Mirror Shapes:

If you thought that full-length mirrors came in one shape, at SingaporeHomeFurniture, you can find uniquely shaped frames. From oval to rectangular, we have novel shapes for our customers. You can pick an ornate full-length mirror from our extensive collection. Alternatively, you can get your full-length mirror with a customised shape as desired.


Mounting Options:

You can try using innovative ideas to hang your full-length mirrors. It need not have to be mounted the way a picture is hung. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we design our full-length mirrors with innovative hanging options so that you can conveniently place them anywhere in your home using nails or screws as required. We also have a score of freestanding full-length mirror options which are built to stand by themselves without any additional support.

3 Benefits of Full Length Mirrors

What you get what you decide to buy a full length mirror

High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

1. Brightens Up Space

Large mirrors are typically the best objects that you can use to reflect maximum light into space. This creates the illusion of a bigger and brighter space.

Full-length mirrors offer a larger surface, thereby reflecting more light into the room. You can choose the frameless mirrors that come with a thin frame because they don’t absorb light. Also, selecting a frame that contrasts with the wall colour can enhance the brightness instead of trapping it. You don’t always need to hang your full-length mirror on the walls to reflect light. Placing it throughout the room can also illuminate the interior.

2. Creates Illusion of Large Spaces

The light that mirrors reflect make them a focal point wherever they are placed. You can line an entire wall with full-length mirrors to give your room a naturally spacious look. If you want your living area or dining room to look bigger, placing a mirrored accent wall can add to the drama of the space.

With a variety of full-length framing options, you can spruce up the natural look of your interiors. Just make sure to place the mirror at an appropriate angle and use a focal point to create the illusion of depth. Mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial lights. Hence, if you place full-length mirrors on your cabinet doors, they will offer an open and spacious feel to its surrounding.


High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture
High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

2. Decorative

Aside from the positivity a vintage mirror can harness, it can layer your room with a retro look. The texture, design, pattern of vintage mirrors can be identified from a distance regardless of their specifications. Adding to the decorative element of wherever these are placed, Vintage mirrors naturally become the wall’s focal point. Be it a standalone mirror or a wall-mounted one; a vintage mirror can make a statement. You can place a vintage mirror on your portico’s wall or balcony garden to see how neatly it enhances the place’s natural charm with its eclectic features.

High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

3. Cover Up Imperfections

Are you worried about the slight imperfections in your seating area? A full-length mirror can do the magic to help you conceal it all up.

Depending on where you’ve placed your mirror, its alluring design and size can distract the attention of onlookers so that they are lost in admiration of the magnified effects created by the mirror and overlook the details. The light reflected by the mirror can attract more light into the room and create a magnified look, leaving an impressive effect and making it all the more welcoming. Sometimes, full-length mirrors do a better job than paintings to hide undesired patches on the walls.


3 Design Ideas

Some interesting full-length mirror design ideas to take away

Rack Mirror:

If you want to combine the benefits of a mirror with that of storage space, you can try the rack mirror design. This contemporary design, featuring a full-length mirror in the front, offers storage space behind the mirror. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we can give your ideas a full-length shape with customised mirrors. You can decide on the style, shape and size of your choice or run through our catalogue to pick the choicest design.



Leaning Mirrors:

If you are experiencing a space crunch yet need a full-length mirror, you can check our catalogue for full-length leaning mirrors that offer a faux-ladder pattern. Even in the smallest of places, these can easily lean against a wall and give your room a bigger and brighter appearance. Try the elegant frames for a royal look, or go with the simple frames to keep them straight and minimal!

Eco-Friendly Mirrors:

Want to give your bedroom a natural look? We have a plethora of ergonomically designed frames to complement your full-length mirror. The rope wrapped frame or natural wood frame adds an earthy texture to the mirror. You can place them on the floor to foster down-to-earth vibes through your home.


Full Length Mirrors

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All Mirrors

Shop now for a wide range of mirrors

ALESUND® Full Length Mirror | Standing Mirror or Wall Mirror | 3 Colour Options: Gold, Silver, Black | $

(7 customer reviews)

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    Very happy with the quality, lighting, and style. It seems as nice as it seems on the pictures. It got two different lightings, bright light and warm lights, we didn’t hang it on the wall, just put it against the wall to save time on installation. No doubt i love it!

    – Dorothy Sharma, Dec’20


     I bought this mirror to put in my room because I needed a full size mirror to put together outfits for work. I really like how durable this mirror is and how the sides are so pretty and elegant. I didn’t expect it to be so large and durable.

    – Tan Teck Geok, Nov’20


    I order a bunch of these for my shops – they are sleek, stylish and flattering. That’s right, some mirrors are not, these are. I love that fact that I can have the same mirrors standing and hanging. Nice unison look. Now I want to replace all the mirrors in all my shops with these… Keep up the great work and thank you again.

    – Claire Ling, Feb’21

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    Make A Statement

    Practical Use


    High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

    Make A Statement

    A full-length mirror can make the most attractive piece of accent in your room. While you can opt for any design, decorative frames like those with ornate carvings can make a statement. A life-size mirror can enable you to create a cohesive style in your room. Your existing space will look more attractive with a large mirror as it can reflect more room area that you wish to highlight. All you need is to set the focal point!

    Practical Use

    Of course, there’s the advantage of space, light and style that can be introduced with a full-length mirror, but then are we missing out on its primary use? Well, more than anything else, your life-size mirror can help you to groom yourself before you step out. All you would need is to clean your mirror from time-to-time to ensure it’s free of stains. Dressing up becomes easy in front of a mirror where you can see a head-to-toe reflection of yourself. If you want to check whether your hat matches your shoes, getting a full-length mirror can help!


    Be it to dress up for a party or to illuminate your room, a full-length mirror can do it all. It delivers ease of dressing as you can see yourself from head to toe in the full-length mirror; you don’t need to devise a strategy to place it. The larger surface will automatically reflect a larger space and when mounted horizontally, it could be used by more than one person at a time. Not just for home use, full-length mirrors work great for commercial use, such as at airports, changing rooms at shopping malls, public washrooms, etc.

    Why buy Full Length Mirrors from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

    Here’s what makes us different from other brands

    High Back Sofa Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

    Are you frustrated with having to visit the bathroom every time you need to use the mirror? This can be rather annoying, especially when you are just about to go out, and need to change your clothes multiple times to see which ones fit the best. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you just have a mirror in your own room that you can use, as and when you need? 

    That’s what a full length mirror can do for you. Two different versions exist, the hanging type, and the standing type. It’s up to your personal preference which one you choose. The hanging one is more convenient and cheaper, whilst the standing one is more stable. 

    At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we are never more aware of the space limitations that Singaporeans like yourselves faced. That’s why we have engaged our own team of designer to come up with a unique collection of full length mirrors. Blending in both form and function, they are the contemporary take on classic mirrors.

    It has taken the designers all our best efforts and several years of hard work, but we are now ready. No matter your needs, you will find the perfect full length mirror for your living quarters.

    That’s our promise.


    We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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