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Marble Top Coffee Table Singapore

Looking for marble top coffee table? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

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We sell Marble Top Coffee Tables for the posh Singaporean home

What is a Marble Top Coffee Table?

Marble top coffee tables, even in their simplest designs, look posh and luxurious. That’s is in fact, the signature characteristic of any marble top furniture. They just ooze class simply, effectively, and effortlessly. Their extravagant appearance makes them a highly popular choice in any households looking to combine classic beauty and timeless elegance. The bearings of any room is lifted just by its presence.

Yet, even whilst the choice of material might be the same, there are many varied looks to the marble top coffee table. Some adopts a more traditional look, whilst others give off a more contemporary and modern vibe. As important as the material is the design itself.  The fun is in choosing the right one. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we offer a wide variety of marble top coffee tables specially for you. Feel free to consult us if you need any help in picking a design. We love nothing more than to help you choose the coffee table that makes for the perfect complement to your room.



Marble top coffee tables were seen as early as in the 18th century. Yet, it never went out of favour, even whilst the tastes of people were ever-changing. It exudes a timeless elegance, ensuring that you’ll never need to change or replace it.


Becoming the focal point seamlessly wherever they are, marble top coffee tables are undeniably the focal point in any room. People fall in love with its elegance, appeal, and sophistication. They are effortlessly contemporary. 

What makes Marble Top Coffee Tables so unique?

3 special features that make marble top coffee tables such a beloved choice over other traditional coffee table designs


Impress any guests that visit your home with the limitless charm and elegance that a marble top coffee table exudes. Its boundless appeal makes them a true timeless classic. 


The marble designs that you see on each coffee table have natural variations that are entirely unique. The stripes and patches are never the same for any two coffee tables.



Owning a marble top coffee table means you can take pride knowing it’ll last for years to come. A worthy investment that reaps benefits severalfold its original cost.

Why should you get a Marble Top Coffee Table?

Some of the characteristics and personality of a marble top coffee table that have entranced so many Singaporeans

1. Stunning. Magnificent. Elegant.

When it comes to pure aesthetic value, nothing comes close to rivalling marble top coffee tables. They just have a majestic look that instantly elevates the atmosphere of any room it belongs in. The polish applied on the surface also cast a further shine on the table, and at time, can even make it look like it’s glimmering. The end result is a magnificent and stunning table that oozes with glamour.

In addition, you’ll never have to worry about the overall design theme for your room. Think back to all the interior design catalogues you’ve seen. They almost always have a marble top coffee table, regardless of its surrounding furniture pieces. That That’s because it inherently fits into any room, complementing just about any decor theme or style. 

2. Unique Design

Every marble quarry is vein-cut to achieve the unique veining patterns that you see on the table top. The catch is, all the patterns are unique. Just like a zebra’s stripes or your fingerprints, no two marble top patterns are exactly like. This means that the marble top coffee table that you’ll call your very own. There will be no other copies in the world. 

2. Unique Design

Every marble quarry is vein-cut to achieve the unique veining patterns that you see on the table top. The catch is, all the patterns are unique. Just like a zebra’s stripes or your fingerprints, no two marble top patterns are exactly like. This means that the marble top coffee table that you’ll call your very own. There will be no other copies in the world. 


3. Limitless Options

Since marble comes in a variety of different colours, intensity, and finish, you are never limited in your design options. Unlike other materials such as wood, where certain colours are not readily available, marble top coffee tables present endless design combinations.

This is an advantage many interior designers have come to appreciate. It grants them greater control over the final appearance that the coffee table will take. Besides, some designers also understand the unique interaction between colours and sunlight. There are certain hues that, when hit by the sunlight, appear much more vibrant and stunning. As such, if they have such a colour in mind, they can rest assured of definitely finding that piece with us.

At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we offer marble top coffee tables available in a huge array of colours and styles. Find one that compliments your house today.

How to take care of a Marble Top Coffee Table?

If you take good care of your marble top coffee table, you’ll reap the rewards of its magnificent beauty for years to come.


Similar to a marble dining table, if you choose to have your meals there, cover the surface with a table pad. This allows for adequate protection for the marble and ensures the marble shines longer. 


If you want to use chemical cleaners, only use those that have been approved for marble. Definitely refrain from using household cleaners, since most of them are highly acidic in nature and can dull the marble finish. 


Minimise the use of soap to just less than 10 times a year. Instead, if you prefer cleaning it on a daily basis, use warm water and soft sponge. They will work just fine. Use cotton to soak up the water after cleaning.

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SingaporeHomeFurniture® Zwolle Marble Top Coffee Table

Both luxurious and simple, this modern marble top coffee table offers a touch of elegance with functionality. A transitional piece that can take your home décor to the next level in charm. An expression of timeless beauty, with the perfect mix of simple but defined lines that suggests its strong personality. Its magnetic charm makes it perfect for the modern household.

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SGHF Marble Top Coffee Table

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Marble is a material that appears again and again in our range of products, favoured for its weight, personality and permanence in the face of the modern obsession with fast consumption. Each component in our Stone range is carved from a solid block of white marble, to create smoothly rounded, heavy forms for the kitchen table.


The marble top coffee table requires a higher level of maintenance than other materials. A fair price to pay for its stunning beauty. So do keep in mind of the effort that goes into preserving its shine and glamour.

For example, you might want to plan in advance and shop for a set of quality coasters. Use them whenever you are serving hot or cold beverages for your guests. Avoid placing them directly in contact with the table top, so as to prevent possible staining or etching. 


Marble is a material that seems to be increasingly popular amongst Singaporeans. Many have come to realise the impact it adds on the aesthetic front for a lot of their home furniture. So much so that homes are now wholly designed with just marble-made furniture.

If you have always wanted to transform your home into a classy, and modern one, there’s simply no better way to start than with a marble top coffee table.

Why buy Marble Top Coffee Tables from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

Here’s what makes us different from other brands

Have you always wanted to lift the appearance of your living room? Have you considered changing up your furniture pieces but not sure where to start? Are you afraid that the wrong furniture piece might destroy the overall theme and design of your room?

A marble top coffee table might just be the right start for you. It’s beauty transcends any home design, and it’s design flexibility means it can be integrated into any room without any hitches. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Furthermore, at SingaporeHomeFurniture, we emphasise the importance of eco-friendliness, from our design process all the way to our manufacturing process. As such, we have chosen natural stones like marbles that are free from chemical processing. This means there is zero emission of any greenhouse gasses.

Our team of exception designers have worked incredibly hard to incorporate both aesthetic appeal and functionality into every marble top coffee table in our collection. As such, you can be sure to find an ideal solution for your home, no matter the design style. Wherever you live, whatever your needs, we’ve got the right coffee table for you. After all, our furniture pieces are built specifically for Singaporeans. 

As a genuine Singaporean brand, we understand what Singaporeans experience every day, whether its in school or at work. Our marble top coffee tables are designed to make life that much easier for you. We want you to go back to a home that you can thoroughly relax and unwind in. That’s our promise.


We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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