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Motorised Outdoor Blinds Singapore

Looking for motorised outdoor blinds? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Motorised Outdoor Blinds specially for Singaporeans

What is a Motorised Outdoor Blind?

Just like its name suggest, motorised outdoor blinds allow you to operate your blinds with the help of a remote control. It saves you the trouble of having to operate them manually, thereby prolonging its lifespan, as manual operation tend to damage and degrade blinds at a much faster rate. Very much the preferred choice today in Singapore, these motorised blinds have replaced traditional blinds in many outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, the in-built remote operating system allows you to change the outdoor ambience with just the single touch of a button. As the blinds roll down automatically, your outdoor environments gets an instant makeover. The place immediately transforms into a beautiful, sleek, and sophisticated environment. Where else are you going to get blinds that combines both beautiful form with excellent functionality?

These motorised outdoor blinds have become the modern day solution to everyday outdoor challenges. 



Motorised nature of these blinds allow you to reduce excessive reflection with just the single touch of a button. Not only that, but your privacy is taken care of in an instant. Extremely easy-to-operate, these blinds save you trouble and eliminate the need to personally adjust window coverings located at otherwise hard-to-reach corners..


With the advent of technology, a host of available options come with any single motorised blinds these days. For example, you can choose to add sensors, timers, or even go for solar-powered blinds. Furthermore, to allow you to complement the blinds with the outdoor exterior, we have made these blinds available in a range of different colours and styles.

What makes Motorised Outdoor Blinds so unique?

3 special features that make motorised outdoor blinds such a popular choice over traditional roller blinds


Increased Accessibility:

Remote control means that anyone can operate these blinds. Users with mobility will have no problems rolling down the blinds, since they no longer have to maintain a close physical promixity to it.


Long-Term Usage:

Manual operation reesults in faster wear and tear of your blinds. By choosing motorised outdoor blinds, not only do you prolong its lifespan, but you also save money that would otherwise have been spent on replacements. 

Completely Wireless:

Not only are motorised blinds remotely controlled, they are also available using solar powered batteries. Not only is this an energy-efficient option, but it also makes maintenance extremely low-fuss.

Features of Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Learn more about the different characteristics and possibilities that motorised outdoor blinds can offer

1. Convenience

Gone are the days where you have to walk all the way across the room just to spend minutes to roll up or down the blinds. Recent innovation has brought about unparalleled convenience in our lives, and this even extends to everyday routines like our outdoor blinds.

With these motorised outdoor blinds, you can always open or close them with the touch of a button halfway across the room. In fact, they have become so integrated that you are even able to control it with the voice command function.

Such is the convenience that these motorised outdoor blinds offer in the modern world

2. Aesthetics

One of the biggest advantages motorised blinds have over traditional roller blinds is the absence of strings and cords. By getting rid of them, these motorised blinds adopt a cleaner and sleeker look. 

Not only that, these motorised blinds are also available in a great range of different designs, styles, patterns, and materials. You are greeted with limitless options to choose from that fits best your purpose. Furthermore, they are not limited to just outdoor uses. In fact, many modern households have incorporated it into their living spaces due to its contemporary design. As such, you can always consider them for indoor use too.

2. Aesthetics

One of the biggest advantages motorised blinds have over traditional roller blinds is the absence of strings and cords. By getting rid of them, these motorised blinds adopt a cleaner and sleeker look. 

Not only that, these motorised blinds are also available in a great range of different designs, styles, patterns, and materials. You are greeted with limitless options to choose from that fits best your purpose. Furthermore, they are not limited to just outdoor uses. In fact, many modern households have incorporated it into their living spaces due to its contemporary design. As such, you can always consider them for indoor use too.

3. Installation

With traditional roller blinds, you are often limited in the choice of location for its installation. Since it would have to be manually operated, the blinds would always have to be at a place that’s easy-to-reach. That’s not the case with motorised blinds.

No longer is the proximity between you and the blinds an important factor that weighs into consideration during installation. In fact, a range of different options now opens up. It is entirely possible to fit very high windows with motorised blinds since they will be controlled remotely. This is especially relevant for commercial or public buildings with high ceilings that’s higher than the standard three metres. 

This is why most Singaporeans opt for the motorised version when it comes to outdoor installation. It serves as the ideal solution to problems that the traditional version would otherwise not have been able to solve.

What can these Motorised Outdoor Blinds do for you?

The core functions that motorised outdoor blinds provide


An in-built thermostat monitors the temperature and prevents overheating. The default setting allows the motor to shut down when it reaches 110 degrees centigrade to prevent any incidental burn out.


These blinds serve a variety of purposes, such as acting as a natural barrier against insects. It also offers elemental resistance against heavy winds and rain, whilst simultaneously providing UV protection against the sun.


Effortless transformation of the environment with the press of a remote controlled button. Create a private setting by releasing the blinds, or integrate the outer environment with the inner one by retracting the blinds.

Gallery of Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Still not quite sure what a motorised outdoor blind is? These images may just help

Featured Product

We recommend this motorised outdoor blind if you’re not sure what to get

Limpio Motorised Blinds

SingaporeHomeFurniture® Limpio Motorised Blinds

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if the blinds of your home or office can function with fingertip remote control? Automation has taken traditional blinds into a new era of sophistication, convenience, and functionality, resulting in the modern-day innovation of motorized blinds. It is powered electrically with a quiet tubular motor, and operates through remote control.

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our customers have to say about our motorised outdoor blinds


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SGHF Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Quality Motorised Outdoor Blinds @ Affordable Prices. For the ones who need an outdoor solution to keeping the natural elements at bay, or to instantly transform the internal environment. 

Uncompromised Functionality

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Uncompromised functionality

At the heart of all motorised blinds lie the the pursuit of its core functionality. To filter out harmful UV rays, reduce excessive sun glare, keep the wind and rain at bay, and allow for instant segregation or integration with each release or retraction of the blinds. 


If the outdoor location is frequented by lots of small children, you might have to worry about their safety with traditional blinds. The cords can often get tangled up, easily turning into safety hazards that could trip them up and cause injuries if not careful.

With motorised outdoor blinds, you can throw that worry out of your mind. No additional safety measures need to be in place. That’s because these blinds operates fully on motor, and no longer come with any cords. You will never have to worry about tangled cords and safety hazards. 


Whilst motorised blinds are often use for outdoor purposes, they can also fit right straight in your own home. Families who travel often tend to use these blinds to ward off potential burglars by giving the impression that they are at home. 

Why buy Motorised Outdoor Blinds from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

Here’s what makes us different from other brands

Have you gotten the traditional roller blinds only to realise that they have degraded beyond use in just a few months? Do you find it really inconvenient to have to manually retract and release the blinds each time you want to adjust them?

Then perhaps, you might want to upgrade these traditional blinds into motorised blinds. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, our team of exceptional designers work together to bring about both aesthetic and functionality in every motorised blind design. As an authentic Singaporean brand, we understand the frustrations that you might encounter on the daily basis. That’s why our furniture pieces are all crafted to make life that much easier for you.

We have come up with motorised blinds that allow you to operate them from a distance. This means you can comfortable sit halfway across the room whilst having the blinds retract back without by just the press of a button. This is especially perfect for individuals who face mobility issues, and might not be equipped to constantly move around just to adjust the blinds.

Also, we have heard your complaints about the durability with traditional blinds. That’s why we have built these motorised with quality materials that are sturdy and long lasting, allowing them to withstand a greater rate of daily wear and tear.

It’s always humbling to know that we’re the number one trusted furniture brand in Singapore. We intend to keep it that way by constantly seeking your feedback on our products, as well as find out daily issues that you might face. We then look to honour that trust by reciprocating you with the best product and service we possible can.



We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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