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Portable Wardrobe Singapore

Looking for portable wardrobes? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Portable Wardrobes for the modern Singapore home

What is a Portable Wardrobe?

Unlike the more traditional wardrobes, portable wardrobes are extremely lightweight, making them easy to move around the house. They are fuss-free and convenient, often assembled and disassembled in just a matter of minutes. Most Singaporeans choose to use these wardrobes as a flexible storage option. This means you get to keep and store a variety of items of items, not just clothing pieces. From clothing to bedroom linen, from office papers to other miscellaneous items, these portable wardrobes serve all purposes. That’s why they are so popular!

In many modern households, you can find these wardrobes being used for the primary purpose of storing clothes. However, in many cases, they also serve to complement existing wardrobes. This happens typically when you’ve originally purchased a traditional wardrobe and come to realise that it’s not big enough to hold all of your clothing needs. That’s how these portable ones come into play. They present an an affordable and effective way to expand your storage option, serving as a secondary wardrobe. The compact size makes these wardrobes seamless additions to any bedrooms.


Clothing Racks

Collapsible and easy to transport. These wardrobes serve the most basic function of storage. The minimalist design is ideal for those who just need a quick clothing storage option. Mostly meant for the short-term.

Enclosed Portable Closet

More spacious and versatile, it comes with an additional cover that helps protect the clothing and other items stored inside. Well-ventilated so as to eliminate unpleasant odours, the outer cover is also waterproof and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

What make Portable Wardrobes so unique?

3 special features that make portable wardrobe such a popular choice over traditional wardrobe designs


Each wardrobe absent of its storage items are extremely light weight, making them easy to move around. Furthermore, It can be easily assembled and diassembled.


Spacious Storage:

Spaciousness of wardrobe is highly important too. The wardrobe is divided into many sections, including shelves, hangers, and side pockets. You’ll never run out of space now. 

Dust Resistance:

The exterior is made with durable fabric with zipper closure. This ensures that your item is kept far from the reach of dust and moisture. It’s water-proofed for additional protection. 

What to look for in a good Portable Wardrobe?

The small things that go into making high quality wardrobes. It’s more than just the closet.

1. Zipper

You will almost certainly be using the zipper more than a couple times each day. When you dress for work, when you change into your sleep-in clothes, when you take your shower. As such, you’ll definitely be pulling the zippers up and down many times over its lifespan.

Poorly-made zippers can spoil easily, rendering the entire wardrobe useless. That’s why we place such meticulous effort into the making of the wardrobe zipper.

At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we make extra sure that our zippers are large, sturdy, easy-to-open, and immune to locking up. Needless to say, they are made from metal, increasing its overall durability.

2. Tear-Resistant and Water-Resistant 

Most portable wardrobes would have a cover on the exterior. This is meant to protect the interior of the wardrobe from the inevitable daily wear and tear, such as dust, water, and other elements.

As such, we have built the covers on our portable wardrobes with fabric that is both sturdy and resistant. Additionally, they are equipped with water-resistant capabilities, meaning you won’t have to worry about any accidental water spillage. Your clothes and storage items will be well protected at all times. No more incidental damage!

2. Tear-Resistant and Water-Resistant 

Most portable wardrobes would have a cover on the exterior. This is meant to protect the interior of the wardrobe from the inevitable daily wear and tear, such as dust, water, and other elements.

As such, we have built the covers on our portable wardrobes with fabric that is both sturdy and resistant. Additionally, they are equipped with water-resistant capabilities, meaning you won’t have to worry about any accidental water spillage. Your clothes and storage items will be well protected at all times. No more incidental damage!


3. Inner Construction

Some of you might be looking for just a wardrobe to store your clothes. Others might be looking to store other heavier items, such as stacks of paperwork. Regardless, as a basic storage container, a wardrobe’s inner construction should be steady and sturdy. 

Good portable closets should have dividers that are well-supported with metal frames. This prevents the closet from contorting under the prolong strain of the items. Firm support in the interior areas are also crucial to maintain the overall structural integrity.

With our portable wardrobes, you can rest assured that they are built to withstand any fully-loaded interiors. 

What are these Portable Wardrobes meant for?

The people that we had in mind when we first started crafting and reinventing our very own collection of portable wardrobes

Temporary Solution:

Dress racks, or clothing racks, are one of the two different portable wardrobe options. These are for the individuals constantly on-the-move. The quick-fold design makes them ideal companions on trips, as they can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Semi-Permanent Solution:

Enclosed portable closets, meanwhile, are perfect for those looking for a more permanent fixture in their rooms. These wardrobes serve great as a secondary storage option, sitting neatly next to your original wardrobe. 

Miscellaneous Storage:

A wardrobe need not be used just for clothes. They can also be used for storing a variety of other items, such as bedroom linen, office paperwork, and even dress shoes. Feel free to use them them in the bedroom, attic, garage, or even the living room. 

Gallery of Portable Wardrobe

Still not quite sure what a portable wardrobe table is? These images may just help

Featured Product

We recommend this portable wardrobe if you’re not sure what to get

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Xico Portable Wardrobe

SingaporeHomeFurniture® Xico Portable Wardrobe

A practical and portable wardrobe that covers all your storage needs. Hang clothes and store other items such as shoes, bags, hats, and many more. Fashionable and stylish, ideal for both men and women. Easy to assemble and disassemble, whilst also being lightweight enough to move around the house. Keep your living space tidy and organized with this wardrobe.

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SGHF Portable Wardrobe

Quality Portable Wardrobes Tables @ Affordable Prices. Consider getting one if you have these type of clothing storage needs.

Seasonal Clothing

Festive Attire

Stage Costumes


If you have the privilege of travelling every year, especially during the December period, then you would probably have your very own collection of winter clothing. It can be quite annoying to find a place to store them properly, since you won’t need them 11 months in a year. Yet, you also can’t simply throw them away.

The portable wardrobe is the perfect solution for such a conundrum. By setting up a temporary storage space, you can chunk all your winter clothing in a corner, and not have to look at them again until the end of the year. 


You might have those incredible halloween costumes that you got last year and want to wear again this year. But that’s at least 6 months from now. Or perhaps you have that evening gown or tuxedo suit that’s meant specially for formal events like weddings and conferences, but you don’t anticipate attending any in the coming months.

Much like winter clothing, you probably aren’t going to wear these clothes quite as frequently. Yet, they are also definitely not going to be discarded.

A portable wardrobe presents you with the perfect solution of temporary storage.

Stage COstumes

Perhaps you are an active performer. This means that you’ve got a variety of stage clothes that you would need to maintain and keep in a manner quite different than your usual clothes. Compartmentalising these clothes with a separate rack might be a good idea, but your old wardrobe does not allow enough space for that.

Consider then, buying a portable wardrobe. This can make the job of segregating your work clothes and going-out clothes much easier. Furthermore, it’s just that much easier to maintain.

Why buy Portable Wardrobes from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

Here’s what makes us different from other brands

Has your clothing collection outgrown your wardrobe storage? Or have you had troubles maintaining your formal wear because they get lost amidst the other going-out attire? Have you been considering getting an additional wardrobe for a while but realise that your bedroom probably doesn’t have quite enough space?

What you might need then, is a portable wardrobe. And not just any one. Flexible and lightweight wardrobe that has the option of being assembled and disassembled extra quickly. Zippers that are long-lasting and will not spoil or break after just a single month of usage. Interiors that can support the weight of a fully loaded wardrobe.

At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we’ve got all that and more. Our portable wardrobes are all made with high quality materials, with durable zippers, tear-resistant covers, and excellent support structure. In addition, we’ve got unique designs that will definitely lift the overall aesthetic appeal of your room. 

Our team of exception designers have worked incredibly hard to infuse both aesthetic appeal and functionality into every portable wardrobe design. They fit right into every Singaporean home, no matter how big or small. Wherever you live, whatever your needs, we’ve got the right wardrobe for you. After all, our  furniture pieces are all built specifically for Singaporeans. That’s our promise.

As an genuine Singaporean brand, we understand the problems that you might encounter on the daily basis. That’s why our portable wardrobes are all built to make life that much easier for individuals like you.


We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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