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Nordic Carpet Singapore

Looking for nordic carpets? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Nordic Carpets specially for the stylish Singaporean home

What is a Nordic Carpet?

The Scandinavian style has recently become increasingly popular in homes worldwide. Aided by the movement of modernism, there is a greater appreciation for the simple and clean lines Scandinavian furniture provides. They are globally loved for the seamless integration with the natural environment and the use of natural lighting. 

Nordic carpets are no different. They are especially desirable due to the aesthetic spaciousness it provides that is hugely fawned over by modern designers. Singaporean homeowners have picked up this taste, and have taken taken a particular liking towards Nordic designs that sits perfectly with stark white, vintage mixes, and other traditional schemes. Available in typically light colour, these Nordic carpets are typically light with simple clean lines. That helps to create the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality. 

If you are looking to add a touch of personality to modern and contemporary homes, then nordic carpets might just be the ideal addition.


Test of Time

Nordic carpets have been around for centuries, and have mainly stayed due to their evergreen visual appeal. Particularly, its sparse and geometric composition have impressed designers and home builders alike for decades, fitting well with the line theory that remains a staple in interior design.


Whilst China and Persia were the original carpet makers, the traditional has grown to become perfected by the craftspeople of the Scandinavian region. Mainly Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. These days, contemporary Swedish carpets are amongst the most sought after designs in the world 

What makes Nordic Carpets so unique?

3 special features that make nordic carpets such a popular choice over traditional carpet designs


Natural Fit:

The perfect combination of geometrical shapes, abstract designs, and striped options make these carpets a seamless fit in any contemporary modern households.


Easy Cleaning:

Traditionally, carpets have posed challanges in its upkeep and care. However, the relatively low pile height of our carpets make vacuuming and spot cleaning a breeze.

Low Maintenance:

Furthermore, the carpets are built with hardwearing, soft pile that sheds minmally. As such, you can go for months without having to worry about its maintenance.

Our Story on the Nordic Carpet

The story behind the inspirational team that comes up with the design and craftsmanship for all our Nordic furniture collection

An Unintended Meeting

A unique team of Swedish designers, Maja, Augustus, and Liza had the opportunity to come together in 2014 whilst working in Singapore. At that time, all three of them were working in different fashion design companies. They got to know each other through a chance meeting at a convention their companies had sent them for.

With a common heritage, they bonded quickly and easily over their shared passion for Swedish design and craftsmanship. As they recall, they were all highly impressed with each other’s knowledge and experience in the topic. One thing led to another, and the three of them subsequently made a leap of faith and decided to explore a path of entrepreneurship centred around Nordic furniture design.

The Rising Stars

It was a risky decision for all three of them, leaving what was a stable and well-paying job. But their gamble paid off, as the Nordic collection that they have crafted and designed over the next few years at their startup was much critical acclaimed and gained plenty of accolades. They quickly became a superstar team in the furniture design industry.

We had the good fortune of knowing them on a personal level, and after much impassioned discussion, was deeply honoured to be able to welcome them into the team here at SingaporeHomeFurniture. Many of the Nordic furniture collection that you see here since 2017 are a direct result of their hard work. 

The Rising Stars

It was a risky decision for all three of them, leaving what was a stable and well-paying job. But their gamble paid off, as the Nordic collection that they have crafted and designed over the next few years at their startup was much critical acclaimed and gained plenty of accolades. They quickly became a superstar team in the furniture design industry.

We had the good fortune of knowing them on a personal level, and after much impassioned discussion, was deeply honoured to be able to welcome them into the team here at SingaporeHomeFurniture. Many of the Nordic furniture collection that you see here since 2017 are a direct result of their hard work. 


Made with Love and Passion

In particular, the Nordic carpets are one of the finer furniture pieces that Maja, Augustus and Liza are the most proud of. It’s not hard to see why.

The intricate patterns that adorn the carpet’s surfaces are meticulously designed by them. You are unlikely to see these anywhere else, for it is a product of combining both the old and new schools of thought in design.

The minimalist geometric shapes also supplement the designs by creating a a harmonic balance with its surroundings. Meanwhile, the colours are inspired from the natural Nordic lighting and landscape. In particular, the pastel blue, pink, yellow, and red are inspired by the beautiful shades of the 20th century facades of classic Stockholm architecture.

Such is the beauty of these nordic carpets.

History of the Nordic Carpets

A long history of artistry that dates back many centuries ago. Often compared to the flourishing of Oriental carpets in the Near, Middle and Far East.


Originally, carpets that were weaved in the Nordic countries were used as a symbol of social status. Most commonly, they were found in the houses of the royalties, upper classes, and rich families.


Subsequently, carpet making in this region became an important institution in terms of cultural, aesthetic, and social growth. This was likely due to the influence from countries in Eastern Asia. 


Eventually, the finer oriental carpets of the East were exposed to the Nordic region. This played an important role in helping the Scandinavian artisans develop their own weaving styles and designs.

Gallery of Nordic Carpets

Still not quite sure what a nordic carpet is? These images may just help

Featured Product

We recommend this nordic carpet if you’re not sure what to get

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Borgholm Nordic Carpet

SingaporeHomeFurniture® Borgholm Nordic Carpet

Snuggle up to this modern and luxurious carpet that is both comfortable and stylish. Loved by all due to its elegance and extreme longevity, this magnificent carpet lays a durable foundation in any room. It is the ideal inclusion to just about any modern home that is fortunate enough to have it. Get this luxurious and modern rug today. After all, it serves wonderfully as the perfect aesthetic complement to any room.

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Stunning nordic carpets that stand the test of time. Designed and produced by a trio of world-heralded Swedish designers, each carpet boasts the natural beauty of the Scandinavian landscape. You can trust us with your nordic carpets. After all, they were built to impress. 


As one of the three most trusted brand in Singapore, we sell only home furniture pieces we would use ourselves. All our nordic carpets undergo at least 4 quality checks and 12 pilot testings. We are dedicated to providing nordic carpets you can trust and rely upon.

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SGHF Nordic Carpets

Quality Nordic Carpets @ Affordable Prices. For the the homeowners who appreciate modern design trends and simple lines. 

Treasured Heritage

Minimalist Look

Beautiful Simplicity


There are very few furniture with a heritage as rich as that of the Nordic carpets. They have become expressive creations of modern designers, whilst simultaneously carrying with them the ideology and principles of generations of master weavers that had come before. Indeed then, the nordic carpet is able to capture one of the most comprehensive and diverse weaving cultures in the world, even till today. 

Minimalist Look

The use of very light colours have been known to originate from the Scandinavian countries. Located far north of the other European countries, these Scandinavian nations only get minimal daylight during winter, sometimes as little as just 5 hours. As such, the lighter shades of furniture have been used as the counterbalance to these cold dark winters. 

In recent times however, these minimal ornamentation has been appreciated in a design sense. Many designers have realised how it enlivens and enrich the space around it, achieving a clean, minimalist and homely look.


These Nordic carpets have become a symbol of innovation and creativity. In fact,  many modern industrial buildings have come to embrace and feature them. Loved by all, it has become a universal design trend. The sweet irony lies in that simplicity can please even the most sophisticated tastes.

Why buy Nordic Carpets from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

Here’s what makes us different from other brands

Have you been to one of your friend’s houses and been impressed with how classy everything looks even whilst the furniture adopts a minimalist style? Have you always wanted to get one of those carpets that that seems to instantly lift the look and feel of the room? 

Then perhaps, what you need is a Nordic carpet. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we believe that a great carpet is the foundation to every beautiful room. Everything starts and ends with your selection of a carpet.

At SingaporeHomeFurniture, our team of exceptional designers work together to bring about both aesthetic and functionality in every carpet design. All our Nordic carpets are founded on the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity brought about by minimalist aesthetic. These timeless designs transcend cultures and languages.

As an authentic Singaporean brand, we understand the frustrations that you might encounter on the daily basis. That’s why our Nordic carpets are all crafted to make life that much easier for you.

It’s an amazing honour to know that we’re the number one trusted furniture brand in Singapore. Never one to rest on our laurels, we intend to keep up that reputation by constantly refining our products and designs. It is only through offering you the best and highest quality products that ultimately satisfies us and makes us happy in what we do.


We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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More than just products, we understand that we are in the business of offering quality service. That means listening to your needs. 10 years of interacting with Singaporean customers have provided us with innumerable insights and perspective, and allowed us to find ways to continually  improve the quality of our products so that they can serve you better. It is with this spirit that is has allowed us to grow to become Singapore's most popular choice for Bathroom accessories.

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