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Rattan Swing Chairs Singapore

Looking for rattan swing chairs? Unsure of what it is or who it is for? Read on for more information.

What We Do

We sell Rattan Swing Chair for the contemporary Singapore homes

What is a Rattan Swing Chair?

What could be better than unwinding in a cosy and comfortable swing chair? If you are one of them who’ve fantasised about sitting out in the balcony or garden in your swing to unwind just the way you like, it would be worth taking a look at the exclusive rattan swing chair Singapore collection. Rattan furniture has claimed its space in the market with its premium and durable quality of cane.

Rattan swings, derived from renewable palm, not just look chic and elegant but make an eco-friendly addition to your home. The wooden finish of these swings give it a robust look and feel, allowing users to lounge in style and comfort. Whether you want to mount it in your portico, your apartment balcony or even indoors, a rattan swing can seamlessly blend with the existing décor of your space.

Buying your rattan swing chair from an authentic dealer has its perks as you can get the latest swing designs for a customised look in your house.


Spruce It Up

Now you can amp up your enthusiasm to lounge in style with the trendy single hanging rattan swing chair. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we have a range of comforting chairs that can fulfil your desire to recline at leisure and enjoy some ‘me’ time to the fullest.

Shape It To Your Comfort

Pick a befitting rattan swing chair from our vibrant catalogue at SingaporeHomeFurniture! We bring unique swing concepts with innovative designs suited to your comfort. You can get a custom-made swing model with a shape of your choice and matching it with other furniture at home.

MOSSORO® Rattan Swing Chair | Patio/Balcony Swing Chair | 2 Designs | 3 Colours | Unique Chair | $$

(7 customer reviews)

BAURU® Rattan Swing Chair | Patio/Balcony Swing Chair | Unique Chair | FREE Cushions + Rug | $

(5 customer reviews)

PELOTAS® Rattan Swing Chair | Patio/Balcony Swing Chair | Unique Chair | $$$

(12 customer reviews)

Featured Product

MOSSORO® Rattan Swing Chair | Patio/Balcony Swing Chair | 2 Designs | 3 Colours | Unique Chair | $$

(7 customer reviews)
  SingaporeHomeFurniture® MOSSORO Rattan Swing Chair Transform your living space with a delightfully trendy hanging chair of charming style and coziness. Featuring an elegant shape, this charming accessory not only gives your patio or living room a refreshing transitional look, but also offers incredible comfort. Finished with an intricate design, this chair gives your space an eye-catching modern look. The ability to use this chair both indoor and outdoor, makes this a truly extraordinary addition to your lounge space.   Features
  • [Comfort] This chair encapsulates you in its cozy structure, giving you maximum comfort to lounge
  • [Durable] This style is not incredibly durable, but also provides a versatile appearance
  • [Versatile].Blends seamlessly with your indoor/outdoor decor
  • [Elegance] Contemporary design gives chair elegance and class
  • [Global] Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets
  • Limited Lifetime Local Warranty provided
  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery
  • Singapore Design & Technology

Different Types of Swing Chairs

There exists not just one single type of swing chair. Find out about the three main swing chairs that we have!

Swing Chair With Stand:

A swing appended on a stand allows you the flexibility to move it around the house. You can conveniently transport your rattan swing from a room to another hassle-free. At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we have swing chairs crafted from premium quality rattan in various patterns, colours and sizes.


Stand-free Swing Chair:

Give your porch or balcony a makeover with a fascinating rattan swings chair; check out our hanging swing chair collection of rattan make. Easy-to-install, all you need is to choose a beam or a point on the ceiling to hang your choicest swing.


Indoor Swing Chair:

Rattan swings are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Add a zing to your interiors with our contemporary swing designs from SingaporeHomeFurniture. The swing is crafted to complement your indoor setting, and can eliminate monotony with its outstanding features. Be it to introduce a cushioning comfort into your bedroom or spark your kiddo’s excitement in the playroom; a rattan swing can make a sturdy and relaxing choice for indoors.

Benefits of installing a Rattan Swing Chair in Singapore

3 main reasons why you should totally get a rattan swing chair

Rattan Swing Chair Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

1. Weather-Proof

With rattan swing chairs, you don’t have to fear the impact of rain or storm and can freely hang or place your rattan swing chair anywhere inside or outside your home. Rattan has a strong resistance to water, making it resilient to any kind of damage caused by water or moisture. Top-notch rattan swing chair Singapore providers can pair your weather-proof swing with waterproof cushions. Also, your rattan swing can withstand harsh sunlight and isn’t prone to fading. The natural colour of rattan doesn’t wear off, unlike materials coated with paint that can easily lose their sheen under the sun. Hang it from a tree or keep it in a dim-lit indoor environment, your rattan swing will stand out wherever it is left.


2. Versatile

Rattan swings can compel you to go gaga with novel designs. The wooden hanging chair swing can be used by all age group. Depending on where you want to place the swing, you can pick the traditional wooden chair. It is designed in an array of sizes and occupancy and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Built with appealing features, they can withstand the weight of the user for long hours. The hanging swings make a space-saving option while the rattan swing chair with a stand is portable. From boat shape, snake’s head to cocoon design and more, you can pick the desired pattern that matches your chosen setting.


Rattan Swing Chair Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture
Rattan Swing Chair Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

2. Versatile

Rattan swings can compel you to go gaga with novel designs. The wooden hanging chair swing can be used by all age group. Depending on where you want to place the swing, you can pick the traditional wooden chair. It is designed in an array of sizes and occupancy and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Built with appealing features, they can withstand the weight of the user for long hours. The hanging swings make a space-saving option while the rattan swing chair with a stand is portable. From boat shape, snake’s head to cocoon design and more, you can pick the desired pattern that matches your chosen setting.


Mossoro Rattan Swing Chair Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

3. Holistic Comfort

A luxury capsule, rattan swing chairs offer holistic comfort. Regardless of the shape chosen, one can slip into the cocoon to engage in restful swinging. Be it to read a book, sip on a hot cappuccino, nap or just laze around, rattan swings are built to give you the appropriate lounging space. The strong concave back-rest supports the lumbar and provides enough space for users to rest their head and neck without any exertion. Rattan swing chairs from prominent providers will never disappoint you. You can check out high-quality cushions for enhanced comfort. Be it your quest for a date with yourself in your bedroom or that with nature outdoors, rattan swing chairs can provide the perfect environment to let you enjoy your space, serenity, solitude and above all comfort.

More Types of Different Swing Chairs?

And you thought that was it? No! There are so many more types of different swing chairs. 

Garden Swing Chair:

Looking for a functional swing chair? At SingaporeHomeFurniture, you can pick a rattan hanging chair swing for your garden to lap with Mother Nature. You can select from myriad weather-resistant options. Be it stand-free or a hanging swing, our rattan chair swings are perfect for your outdoor sprawling needs.



Couple Seat Swing Chair:

Couple-seater rattan swing chair Singapore
Snuggling with your partner or pet in your choicest swinging chair can help you beat the winter blues. Our enthralling double-seater rattan chair swing designs are built to extend comfort to two users at a time. Just pick a spot in your sundeck to bask in the light of good moments with your loved ones!

Patio Swing chair:

Shatter all stress with our special swing chair collection at SingaporeHomeFurniture! Be it a hanging swing or one with a stand, you can be assured of sketching a welcoming look to your guests with a rattan swing chair exclusively designed for your patio. Open arms and an inviting seat characterise this enticing patio swing chair.


Rattan Swing Chairs

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MOSSORO® Rattan Swing Chair | Patio/Balcony Swing Chair | 2 Designs | 3 Colours | Unique Chair | $$

(7 customer reviews)

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    Bought it as a “corner piece” to the screened porch. My daughter loves hanging out in it and reading. It’s comfortable although I did add some extra pillows. Assembly was straightforward. If you find that you can’t thread the nuts on the bolts, reverse the bolt direction.

    – Heather Leow, Nov’20


    We love the chair. But the thing that stood out the most was the company”s customer service and follow up. Jayden was amazing to work with and went out of his way to follow up on product delivery and our satisfaction. I really appreciate her caring attitude and attention to detail. Thank you. Jayden.

    – Flora Yeo, Jan’21


    I LOVE this chair. I spent a lot of time researching the perfect chair and I am so happy with my purchase. I’ve only had this chair for a week or two but so happy with I ordered a second one. It could be used indoors or outdoors. It is easy assemble/disassemble and transport around your house.

    – Wei Ling, Mar’21

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    What makes rattan swing chair Singapore unique?

    Neutral Look

    Culled from a natural source, rattan can be used just the way it is. In its original form, your rattan chair swing can ooze oomph without any artificial varnishing. The neutral shade of rattan makes it appealing. The subtle hue makes rattan a popular choice as it can blend with any other furniture around. Moreover, the non-interfering natural colour and texture of rattan can go well with both the modern as well as classy furnishing of your house. To add to its charm, you can always paint the swing with a colour pleasing to your eyes and home décor.

    High Endurance

    Be it a rattan swing or the weaved rattan swing chair, they are built strong. The sustainable rattan material can last you a lifetime without asking much for maintenance. Investing in a rattan swing is worth the money as it is hardwearing. Even better, the fabulously designed chairs are sourced from biodegradable material, making rattan a preferred choice over its synthetic prototypes. Swing designs from renowned Singapore furnishings are manufactured with stable frames that support the chair without compromising on its aesthetic. You can have the most stylish rattan swing chair with guaranteed longevity.

    Unique Upholstery

    Your rattan swing chair can be embellished exactly the way you want it. The naked rattan frame has its beauty but you can always enhance it. Simply throw in a squishy cushion that can take the form of your rattan swing chair and dive into the comforting seat for a promising experience. Dress your cushions flamboyantly with bright coloured fabric covers. For a customized look, you can choose any fabric ranging from cotton to velvet. Pick a rich coloured, plain or textured fabric for the cushion and get a state-of-the-art rattan swing chair.

    Why buy Rattan Swing Chairs from SingaporeHomeFurniture?

    Here’s what makes us different from other brands

    Rattan Swing Chair Singapore SingaporeHomeFurniture

    You might not even know that you wanted one. Until you set your eyes on it one fine day. Perhaps, it was a chance occurence. You might have been visiting your friend’s house one day, when you first laid your eyes upon this delightful furniture piece. It has made an impression on you since.

    Indeed, the rattan swing chair is quite a rare and unique furniture. Not exactly a necessity, it doesn’t come to mind immediately when people think of furnishing their home. Yet, having one undeniably adds elegance and class to your living space. Not to mention just how relaxing it is. 

    At SingaporeHomeFurniture, we are never more aware of the space limitations that Singaporeans like yourselves faced. That’s why we have engaged our own team of designer to come up with a unique collection of rattan swing chairs. Blending in both form and function, they are the contemporary take on classic swing chairs.

    It has taken the designers all our best efforts and several years of hard work, but we are now ready. No matter your needs, you will find the perfect rattan swing chairs for your living quarters.

    That’s our promise.


    We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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